Securing Software Updates for Automobiles

Uptane: A JDF/Linux Foundation Project

The Uptane Alliance was formally established in July of 2018 for the express purpose of standardizing an open and secure design for over-the-air updates for automobiles. In practice, this process has involved improving and standardizing the Uptane open-source software. Under the umbrella of IEEE’s International Standards and Technology Organization, the Alliance released IEEE-ISTO 6100.1.0.0 Uptane Standard for Design and Implementation, its first set of standards, in July of 2019. Shortly after this release, the initiative affiliated with the Joint Development Foundation of the Linux Foundation. The new legal name of the Alliance is now Joint Development Foundation Projects, LLC, Uptane Series, but it remains a nonprofit consortium of professionals from industry, companies, non-profit groups, and government agencies. In addition to developing, disseminating and supporting the implementation of standards to improve the security of software updates for the automotive industry, the group will also oversee the continuing development and adoption of Uptane technology.

Individuals who wish to contribute to continuing standardization efforts, as well as ongoing work in deployment best practices and test procedures, should contact Lois Anne DeLong to be put on the mailing list for the Uptane Standards committee. This will keep you apprised of how the work is progressing and give you the opportunity to contribute to the process.